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Our Mission

Our Mission God is transforming our hearts. He is our Healer, our Provider and our Great Rescue. He is our Lord, our King, our valiant Knight…. He is the Hero of our story. We want you to know He comes for you too… The mission of this team is to help find who they are created to be, walk into a deeper intimacy with Jesus, and to set hearts free from the bondage of the way a Christian woman “should” be.

The Captivating Heart Team is made up of ladies from all over the country, from many backgrounds and a variety age groups. God has brought together women of such unique talents and abilities and we are blessed to share them with you!

Cari Kaufman- Founder, Vision-Caster, Story-Teller
Cari is the lead speaker and founder of Captivating Heart. Cari Kaufman is an intuitive and innovative leadership coach and professional speaker whose is best known for her ability to “conceptualize metaphors.” In plain English, take real life, everyday stories and turn them into life lessons. Boy, has God given her a lot of life lessons! From Army officer to stay-at-home mom to professional speaker, Cari’s experiences give her a unique perspective into everyday life. Cari uses her ministry, Strings Attached Ministries
, to bring groups and teams together to common ground to build up women’s ministry groups all over the world. Cari lives with her fabulous husband, Charlie in the heart of Northwest Arkansas and they have two amazing children, Alexander and Elizabeth. To learn more about Cari, Strings Attached, or to book her to speak to your group, contact us at carispeaks@gmail.com . You can follow Cari on Facebook a http://www.facebook.com/CariKaufman.ChristianWomensSpeaker.

Marilyn Aten -Co-facilitator, Joyful Laugh-er, Wise Counselor
Marilyn is living proof that a teacher never retires.  Professionally, she’s educated students all over the world- most recently in Taiwan for four years.  She is  mother of five, grandmother and friend to people the world over.  She loves to share life lessons and daily shows us how to praise God for the way He is writing our story- even the difficult chapters. Marilyn loves to play the piano and run into friends in unexpected places and does both on a regular basis.  Her life’s mission is to spread hope and her greatest love us to see beauty come from the inside out when people see the truth of God’s word.

Cathy Love – Administrative Ninja, Wisdom Whisperer
Cathy is the registrar and treasurer for Captivating Heart. Cathy Love is the “King Solomon” of Captivating Heart.  When we are seeking wisdom, she is our first stop.  Cathy is married to a pastor, Bruce Love and brings the experience of thirty years in the ministry to the team. Cathy loves horses and good stories.  She’s been known to play a prank or two and has a great sense of humor.  She lives with her husband, Bruce and daughter, Melissa in Northwest Arkansas.

Judy Turner-Encourager, Friend, Peace Creator
Judy Turner is co-founder of Christview Ministries in Eureka Springs along with her husband. In various ministry settings, Judy’s spiritual gifts of teaching and encouraging are evident. She creates settings to help people experience God’s presence and deepen their relationship with Christ. At the Christview Ministries Center, Judy serves as a mentor and spiritual director for guests and students. She helps produce resources in the areas of prayer and spiritual formation. Judy takes Christview Ministries “on the road,” as she speaks for conferences or leads spiritual growth and renewal events. Some of her favorite activities include traveling to beautiful places, linger in conversation with friends after a good meal, reading a good story and playing with dogs.

Laura Self-Worship Leader, Spirit Lifter, Gifted Songwriter 
Laura Self serves as our worship leader. She is an amazing gift of spirit and music. Laura lives in NW Arkansas with her husband, Chris, and their four children. She is a grateful believer in Jesus Christ and is blessed to serve on the worship team at her church and as a worship leader in the Celebrate Recovery Ministry. Laura is a singer/songwriter who’s music is an honest reflection of her daily experience of walking with the Lord. Laura released her debut album, Victorious in December of 2012. 

Angela Hines- Worship Leader, Rhythm Keeper, Dance Inspirer  
Angela developed a love for leading the body in worship at the age of 7 under the leadership of her mother in the children's choir at her grandfather's church. Over the years that love for leading the body has expanded to leading with the Joppa House Band, Mosaic Worship at Fellowship Bible Church, and the stellar nominated Arkansas Gospel mass choir. Angela brings energy and zest for life into all that she does and encourages us to worship with our whole bodies at Captivating Heart. 

Gretchen Speer- Worship Leader, Intercessor, Space Maker
The Lord also stirred Gretchen’s heart for worship at a young age, and she began her journey as a worship leader at 15 years old. She currently leads worship at Joppa House of Prayer where she is the Worship Director, and Mosaic NWA where she is the Worship Celebration Coordinator. Our worship team walks out their desire to see unity in the church through worship. This is reflected in the Joppa House Band, made up of 8 leaders representing 6 different churches across NWA.

Stacey Pehosh-Crafting Genius, Sparkle Spreader, Planning Extraordinaire 
 Stacey Pehosh is the first one we turn to when we need to make something beautiful. She brings the vibrance of a kindergarten teacher (she is one) and the perspective of an artist to our team. She believes that world could always use more sparkle, chocolate and bluegrass music – in that order. But above all else, she believes the world could use more God. Her heart is to help create an environment that helps you to sigh in relief and gasp in delight while you are meeting with God on retreat. Should you choose crafting as your adventure activity (and with Stacey, it is an adventure), Stacey will be your guide.

Valerie Dunn- Doer of "All the Things"
Valerie is our girl friday (if you don't have one, you should get one!) She does a lot of everything, from manning the merchandise table to making things beautiful, she works tirelessly to help our events go smoothly.  She is often the first one in in the morning and the last one to leave. Her smile makes us all take a breath and invites our heart's to come and sit for a moment. 

Charlie Kaufman- Knight in Shining Armor, Computron Source
Charlie is the lone source of testerone in our group, and is he ever needed! Charlie makes all things tech work- from movie clips to coffee machines- and everything in between.  His heart to see women's hearts set free is truly inspirational, and he occasionally steps out from behind the sound board to teach us from the platform a little about what it means to love a man.  

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